The Role of Gutter Guards in Roof Protection

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The Role of Gutter Guards in Roof Protection

There has always been a problem in trying to prevent damage to buildings caused by the accumulation of leaves and other debris in the gutters. Today it is possible to install gutter guards to prevent this from happening. They are specifically designed to prevent water backup in turbulent weather. These are especially effective where there is tree overhang or other foliage that can drop leaves and sticks on the roof.

When these drains are not protected, backed up rainwater can cause damage to the building. This is especially prevalent in winter, and affects the drain, itself, as well as the structure. Drains can become torn loose from the building, wood can become rotted, and interior problems develop, because of seeping water. In addition, water can run down the side of the building, causing foundation problems. All of these things can cause a very expensive repair bill.

Some people have tried installing 6″ gutters and 3″ x 4″ downspouts. They found that these over-sized units also needed to be protected from the accumulation of debris. As a result, they have had to install a protective unit. Making a wise choice in proper protection will provide elimination of difficult problems that can arise from this type of situation.

You will find numerous kinds of these products available. One that is especially attractive appeared in 1994 and is named GutterStuff. This consists of strips of polyether foam that act as a filter. When placed in the canal, the water flows through easily but the debris is held back. This is relatively inexpensive and very easy to install. Professional assistance is not required.

These guards can be found under a variety of names. They are called gutter guards, gutter screens, leaf guards, covers and filters. They are available in many different materials, including vinyl, zinc, PVC and aluminum. When purchasing one of these units it is important that the material matches that of the unit where it is to be placed.

This type of protection eliminates the problems incurred when trying to clean these units by hand. Manual cleaning is not only ineffective, but can be dangerous as well. Many people have been injured while trying to accomplish this task. This protection also stops the accumulation of organic materials which can attract insects, birds, and even squirrels that can cause further damage.

Gutter guards are inserted in the water canal in various ways, depending on the model purchased. However, all are designed to prevent debris build-up, which can cause a water overflow. They have been found to be very effective in eliminating material accumulation problems.

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