The Benefits of Gutter Guards

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The Benefits of Gutter Guards

If you’re tired of having to constantly clean leaves, twigs and other debris out of the gutters on the roof of your home, then it may be in your best interest to invest in some gutter guards.

Gutters are designed with the purpose of protecting your roof from the damaging abuse of the elements. When you have weather like rain or sleet, much of the material that falls from the sky, or from trees because of powerful winds, collects in the gutters and is channeled away from the house. This often works for a while, but the reality is that gutters eventually need to be cleaned out. Depending on how much adverse weather the area that you live in sees, this can happen as often as once a season.

With gutter guards in place, the number of times that you’ll have to clean out your gutters over the course of the year will be reduced dramatically. Keep in mind that, while many gutter guards do the same thing, they are built from different materials and do their jobs of protecting your gutters slightly differently from each other. Mesh guards allow water to seep through small holes while keeping everything else out, while bottle brush guards catch leaves and other debris on their bristles, for instance. The bristles on bottle brush guards don’t hold on to leaves and other debris that they collect very well and the debris eventually gets blown away by the wind.

Gutter guards can also be made of other materials like metal, plastic and nylon. They can cover your home’s gutters completely, as is the case with some metal guards, or be designed to deter ice dams from forming, as is the case with nylon based gutter guards.

What sort of design and material you require from your gutter guard will largely depend on both the shape of your home’s roof and the type of weather that your area typically sees throughout the year.

The factor of weather will also determine how often guards need to be replaced, but having guards replaced can be done at a fraction of the cost of having to replace the actual gutters. With the guards in place, you’re free to worry about household chores that are both safer and more important than having to clean out the gutters.

When considering gutter guards for your home, its best to consult a professional contractor. In many cases, the contractor will be able to evaluate just what type of guards are right for your home based on needs, location and budget. They will also be able to provide you with an estimate as well as a plan for putting the system into place. In most cases, work can be done in less than a day’s time once everything is decided.

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