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Replacing old gutters

If your gutters have seen better days, then replacing your gutters with new ones is highly important and something that you should see to as soon as possible. If you currently have old gutters in place then these might be damaged by weathering, they might be clogged full of leaves and debris, or they might be just generally worse for wears. In these cases you then need to address this problem by installing new ones otherwise they won’t do their job efficiently. Gutters that are blocked and don’t let the water pass through for instance will simply overflow over time, whereas those with holes and problems will simply leak. This then makes it just as useful as not having gutters and you don’t benefit from any of the features that you would expect to get from having them.

 This is not just a ‘small’ deal either, and it’s important to recognize that not having gutters is in fact a very serious problem and one that will damage your property and potentially your health in profound ways. The job of gutters is simply to direct water away from your home as it collects on your roof. Whether you have a flat roof or sloped roofs the idea of the gradient built in is to direct the water off your home. Otherwise you would find it built up and eventually began to drip through. Instead the gradient causes the water to run off the side and here it is collected by the gutters and then directed into the drain where it can be used in the sewer system.

 Without these gutters though, or with gutters that didn’t work, that water would instead just drip down the sides of your walls. It wouldn’t ‘gush’ over the edge, but rather cling to the walls all the way down to the bottom (except where there were copious amounts of water when it would do both). This then would mean that the water damaged your walls as the water acted to corrode the pain on them and to leave dark marks (rain water is not clean). This would then cause your walls to become damaged, but worse it would steel the heat energy from them. This is because the water would use the heat in your walls in order to heat up so that it could evaporate which would make the walls colder. Your walls in turn then would start to sap more heat from your home, and basically the heating you had on indoors would be being drains by the water on your walls and roof rather than going to good use.

 Without gutters then you would have a high bill and would feel colder indoors, and you’d be no friend to the environment. On top of this though that water would potentially seep through your walls and make the interior damp and wet as well. This would cause mold to cling to your walls damaging the way they looked and also meaning you were risking breathing in mold spores.

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