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Buildings are better equipped to cope with fires in the current climate, improvements to building designs the materials they are constructed with and enhanced fire safety features all help to protect property and save lives. As well as smoke alarms, sprinkler systems and safety curtains, fire door sets play an important part in preventing fire from spreading within a building. Standard and non-standard fire doors come with fire-resistant ratings and they help to contain fire and smoke as people escape from a burning building. Made from a variety of materials including wood and steel, fire doors normally come fitted with fire rated seals that stop smoke from billowing through gaps around the frame. Some fire doors are solid, whilst others might have glazed areas that also have their own fire resistance rating.

Are fire doors totally fire proof?

No, not really. By design, fire doors are intended to hinder the progress of a fire and theyre given their own rating depending on how long the door will last under the effects of a fire. The rating of fire doors can be anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours, by which time, hopefully the building will be evacuated and the fire department will have the blaze under control. Although fire doors arent entirely fire proof, they do benefit from fire proofing features that enable fire door sets to stay intact for a specific period of time. All fire doors are manufactured to meet with exacting industry standards and they have to comply with the current regulations that are in place.

Do fire doors look industrial?

Youd think something as sturdy as fire doors would look ugly wouldnt you? Nothing could be further from the truth. Contemporary fire door sets come in a choice of designs and custom made fire doors in particular are designed, manufactured and installed to satisfy unique customer requirements. Some of the finishes that are used for fire doors include wood veneer, laminates in plain, patterned or wood-grain finishes, not to mention fire doors that come complete with glazed sections that let light filter through the door. Todays fire doors look great and they provide premium protection in the event of a fire. can supply a wide range of fire doors that are custom made to your exact requirements, giving you the best fire door sets around at a competitive price.

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